15 Years of Research of over 500 Startups

You are about to give your startup a nitro boost to make it among the fastest growing startups in the world.

With decades of research from the top business schools around the world, developed a 12-step blueprint on how to effectively accelerate your startup.

  • Learn from Top Entrepreneurship Professors from top business schools

  • Get feedback and insights from MBAs from the top business schools

  • Build alongside top startups around the world

  • Access to research backed entrepreneurship curriculum and methodology

  • Real-time advice from Executives

  • Real-time feedback from Investors

  • OpenAI Powered Apps for Milestones and Metrics

  • Social Learning Insights powered by Microsoft

  • Machine Learning to help you discover your priority matrix

Hyper Accelerator Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Hyper Accelerator™️ by Startup Course™️

    • Welcome message from Professor of Entrepreneurship

    • Onboarding Information

  • 2

    What is your Startup is really worth? Assessing Your Startup Valuation

    • What is the value of your business? What are the most important factors to consider when evaluating your startup valuation? How much should you raise? We will discuss the most common mistakes startups make when getting their startup valued.

  • 3

    Establish better Milestones and Metrics 

    • You'll learn how to prepare and leverage Basic Assumptions, Key Metrics, and Milestones. You will have all the tools you need to create a laser-like focus on reaching Milestones that prepare your startup for a successful seed or venture capital round

  • 4

    Build a Purposeful Startup with a Stronger “WHY”

    • We help early founders understand why they are building a startup. We work with you to explore your motivation, values, and what drives you to want to be in the startup world. This is not about the idea, but about you and your passion for entrepreneurship

  • 5

    Build a Strong Foundation for Growth

    • Reaching your customers starts with the right foundation for your startup. We’ll help you build the necessary legal and financial structure to support rapid growth, and make it easy for investors and partners to get involved.

  • 6

    Take your startup to the Next Level - Thinking Bigger

    • Your top priority is to get your new business up and running. In the early stages of development, you can’t afford to focus on anything but core tasks—but recognizing when it’s time to start scaling will ensure that your business continues to grow.

  • 7

    Increase your Conversion Rates - Super Charge Your Value Proposition

    • Offering a promising product or service is a vital step in your entrepreneurial journey. It’s also critical to be able to share the value of your product with investors, customers and media. We will help you craft a more effective value proposition.

  • 8

    Know your Market and Benchmark your Business

    • A critical step in determining the potential success of your startup is assessing and anticipating demand for a product or service. We help calculate the total possible market for your startup, and highlights important areas for further research.

  • 9

    Build Products and Features your Customers will Love

    • Completion of a user journey map is a beneficial task for any startup. It helps identify the potential customer experience from pre purchase to ongoing usage and identifies opportunities to improve communication, efficiency and customer retention.

  • 10

    Accelerate the Acquisition of your Next 100-1000 Customers

    • Learn how to implement sales funnels in your business: what they are and why you need them, the major components of a high-converting funnel, and how to build your own funnel step-by-step.

  • 11

    How To Operate Your Startup Effectively & Maximize your Equity Value

    • So you have a startup, so what? How do you run that startup and make sure it's always improving? How do you ensure it's always focused on growth, no matter what stage of development? How can you get amazing results from everyone in your team?

  • 12

    Develop a Truly Profitable Business Model

    • You will discover how to : 1. Find the right pricing model for your startup 2. Generate cash in a short period of time 3. Attract more clients with a pricing model that makes sense 4. Reach profitability faster!

  • 13

    How to Increase your Startup Valuation

    • Boost your Valuation with fundable events. Learn whether you are on track for successful fundraising and areas of improvement. Landing investment is hard work, but without planning and preparation, it can be randomly successful or a total failure.

  • 14

    Build a Team out of Rockstars

    • What do you need to make a successful team? a high-performing advisory board? Learn how to build your best startup team, get actionable advice on forming an advisory board, and develop strategies to keep your teams motivated, productive and aligned.

  • 15

    Get the Capital you Need - Your Capital Strategy

    • How you structure your capital matters. Understanding the difference between debt and equity, how much equity to raise, what type of security you should sell, how much of your company to give up, and when you should use a SAFE or convertible note round.

  • 16

    Be a Powerful Speaker - Elevator Pitching

    • How To Build The Best Elevator Pitch and Structure: While you’re in an elevator (or Zoom) with a potential client or investor. The goal is simple: To maximize your odds of getting an outcome you want by delivering a short and customized presentation

Some Successful Startups That Started With Us:

Here is some word-for-word feedback from the successful startups listed above.

“This Course provides a helpful framework to evaluate ideas and understand more about their feasibility quickly”

Roger Egan III, Co-Founder, Redmart

“It was a good warm-up lap to expose us to the realities of building Redmart from the ground up.”

Vikram Rupani, Co-Founder, Redmart

“It helped us in the process of getting Nugit's story right and preparing the pitch to investors.”

David Sanderson, Founder & CEO, Nugit

“It was an amazing experience and it was great to have the time to think through all the key aspects of our venture and the key strategic aspects on which we should have focused.”

Sundeep Sahni, Co-Founder, Lazada

“Knowing that Redmart went through the Startup Bootcamp helped convince me they had the right fundamentals to launch Redmart.com”

Neil Bearden, Investor, Redmart

For the last 12 years, only the top business schools and engineering schools had access to this program.

How our program started at INSEAD Business School

Ranked #1 International Business School by Financial Times

Channel News Asia "Millionaire Minds"

A few key characteristics that set our course apart from the rest:

  • Time Required

    Our programs are expressly designed to fit the lives of insanely busy professionals like you. Get from idea to investable startup in 100 days.

  • Online and In-Person Learning

    We use a blended-learning methodology that includes online content, one-on-one mentor sessions, and group coaching. Also connect with industry partners and investors through our vast network.

  • Always-On Experience

    A virtual experience with no relocation or expensive in-classroom fees. We provide 24/7 support through an exclusive Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

  • Action Plans

    Develop personal, actionable plans to address the strategy, organization, and innovation-based opportunities that you face.

  • Pitch Perfect

    We will help you master your pitch through constant interaction and helpful feedback.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Get your certificate of completion upon graduation and Join our growing community of alumni on LinkedIn.

Some other recent awards that helped recognize the work of our team to help entrepreneurs globally.

Here are the resumes of the Professors and Entrepreneurs that helped build this program.

Over 50 years of Combined Startup Teaching Experience

Ash Singh

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Western University, Ivey Business School, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship: INSEAD, Wharton, MIT Sloan, Ivey Business School and Tsinghua

Started 4 Companies
CEO, Co-Founder and Professor of Entrepreneurship, Startup Ventures Pte. Ltd.
Founded First Company While Attending University Which Was Acquired at Age 22
Created “Angels Gate” the First Asian “Shark Tank” TV Show for Entrepreneurs with VC Judges Reaching an Audience of 30 Million Viewers Across Asia
Founded Interactive SG, a Digital Media and New Business Accelerator
Co-Owner of Singapore Slingers Professional Basketball Team
Students from the INSEAD Entrepreneurs Course Launched 500 Companies Across 50 Countries
Recognized by Businessweek Magazine as “One of Asia’s Top Young Entrepreneurs” in 2009
Recognized by the Economic Times of Singapore as “One of Southeast Asia’s Leading Serial Entrepreneurs”

Passionate about teaching, inspiring and mentoring entrepreneurs to drive tech transformation.

4.8/5 Google Review

Average Rating From Entrepreneurs around the World

Connie Erlanger
★★★★★ 5 weeks ago
The Hyper Accelerator course is the best thing that we have done for our business. Our team has decades of business experience going into the program, but what we learned in the HyperAccelerator100 days is transformative and invaluable. It is an extraordinary opportunity to have access to the decades of professional experience and knowledge encapsulated in the coursework, and to the personal knowledge and experience of the Accelerator course leaders. The course leaders are smart, sharp, engaging, and are committed to the success of each participant. This really comes through in the one-on-one mentoring sessions. We now have the tools with which to not just successfully launch a new business, but to grow that business and realize its full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is qualified to apply?

    Ideally, your company should have some business planning and perhaps have a draft pitch deck. We will work closely with you during the program, but having some semblance of a pitch deck is always helpful. By the end of the program you should have an updated pitch deck, a very clear idea of your sales funnel, your 1 min elevator pitch down pat and overall what industry experts would deem "investor ready"

  • Do I need to relocate to participate in the program?

    No, we employ a fully virtual accelerator program and accept companies from around the world. Our sessions run first thing in the morning EST time. Each session is 90 minutes long. We have come to understand that this timing best suits the majority of the global participants’ timezones.

  • How big is each cohort and long does it run for?

    Each cohort comprises of 15 to 25 teams. The accelerator runs for 17 weeks. We alternate between Level Up & Peer 2 Peer sessions for 14 weeks or 100 days. Afterwhich, week 15 & 16 are spent going through your final pitches and pitch decks followed by the Hyper Accelerator Virtual Investor Pitch Session on week 17.

  • What is the time commitment expected and is my entire team expected to join?

    You will be expected to attend weekly online live sessions which last for 90 minutes each and complete all assignments. We also expect that you work on your startup in parallel to the program. The more time you commit to working on your idea and the program, the more you can expect to gain from it. Expect to spend not more more than 2.5 to 3 hours per week in total including session time. We strongly suggest the entire team joins in for the sessions and works on the Accelerator program. Our aim to level up the entire team, not just 1 or 2 members. The fee covers your team so there’s no extra charge to you.

  • How is the program delivered?

    Hyper Accelerator employs a blended-social learning approach to deliver content via videos, assignments, the Startup Course Canvas, Live professorial online sessions and peer to peer sessions. The Learn sessions which happen every odd number week of the program (Week 1, 3, 5, 7 and so on) are 90 minutes of intense, power-packed levelling up on 1 or 2 key topics. As our curriculum is based on research of real startups, our content is dynamic, relevant and constantly evolving to encompass the current startup environment & challenges. After each Level up session, you are expected to record a quick 2 min video on the learning platform. The question will be based on the topic discussed and how it specifically relates to your startup. Our aim is to get you to focus on relevant soundbites when you speak about what you are working on to capture the essence but also the interest of someone listening to you talk about your startup. These videos are then reviewed by 3 groups of people - a startup mentor, an Executive-in-Residence & and Investor-in-Residence. You will receive personalized feedback in time for the following week's Peer 2 Peer session. Peer 2 Peer sessions occur every even week (Week 2, 4, 6, 8, and so on) This is when you and 4 or 5 other startups complimentary to your stage will be in breakout rooms with your dedicated mentor, Executive-in-Residence & and Investor-in-Residence where you receive real-time, relevant and personalized feedback not only from the mentors/advisors but also your peers. The Startup is often a lonely one and just being in a space with others who have similar challenges and sharing knowledge and ideas is a very powerful exercise.

  • I'm a solo founder? Am I still eligible to apply?

    Absolutely! We welcome all types of founders. Having said that, if you are looking to find a co-founder or build a valuable team, our sprint on Team modeling will teach you how.

  • Will I get funded? Which are the most notable companies you have worked with?

    We do not guarantee funding, but we will train you in how to do an elevator pitch, help you create a pitch deck, executive summary and introduce you to potential investors once you finish the course. The rest is up to you! We have worked with hundreds of companies over the years which have had multiple levels of success. There really are too many to name, and more great companies are joining the Hyper Accelerator network every year, but you might want to check out the following: · Redmart raised over $55 Million from investors · Lazada acquired by Alibaba for $1 Billion · Transferwise valued at $3.5 Billion after raising $292 Million in funding

  • What sort of sectors/industries do your startups come from?

    Hyper Accelerator is industry agnostic and we are delighted to speak to any startup that is changing the world in its own way.

  • I think my startup is too advanced for an accelerator. How would I know?

    We work with startups at varying stages. We have some startups who are raising their Series A and still find immense value in what we do. We have different paths within the program to cater for startups at various stages. If you are unsure, book an assessment call and let us share how we envision us adding value to your startup.

  • How far along the fundraise journey are your startups usually?

    We work with startups at varying stages of their fundraising. We have some startups who are at pre-seed yet others who are raising their Series A. And if you're not looking to raise a round currently that's OK too! The idea behind this program to is get you to give your startup a nitro boost to make it among the fastest-growing startups in the world. The only startup you need to compare with is your own. Use the 100 days to map out your milestones and achieve them. We have different paths within the program to cater for startups at various stages. If you are unsure, book an assessment call and let us share how we envision us adding value to your startup.

  • I have participated in other accelerators. What so special about Hyper Accelerator?

    For this one, we turned the question to our graduates. A fair number of our startups have completed the programs from other top accelerators the most common feedback we hear from them on why they found value with us vs the other "world-class" accelerators is our practical & structured approach towards fundraising using our 12 step blueprint, the attention to detail on the part of our dedicated team of mentors & executives in helping them map out a clear path toward fundable milestones, revenue and profitability."

  • Is there a Demo day?

    " In our experience running accelerators for over a decade, we feel demo days are not the most effective in raising funds. We have a Virtual Pitch Platform that allows you to get much better exposure to investors. Our Virtual Pitch Platform provides your startup the boundless exposure that it deserves. Only 1% of startups actually raise money through live in-person demo days. In today's world, if you don't know how to effectively find and pitch to investors virtually, your chances of getting funded will be slim to none."

  • I'm not interested in a program, I just want introductions to investors so I can get my fundraise done.

    Hyper Accelerator is so much more than a course. The 100 days with us is takes a 360 degree view on your startup. Our aim is to help you accelerate, scale and increase your valuation by identifying your fundable milestone events and mapping out a path toward them. It is imperative to have all "your ducks aligned" before you actually get into fundraising mode and we aim to do that with you. Some startups may be closer to the fundraising path than others and we are able to accelerate you toward the Investor Roadshow earlier if needed.

  • What is the application process like?

    We speak to startups all over the world. Whether we invited you to come to speak to us, or you were referred to us by a friend or heard about us from somewhere, we make time to speak to every single startup that applies. Typically you would receive news of the outcome of your assessment call within 2 to 3 days of your assessment call.

  • Will I get funded? Which are the most notable companies you have worked with?

    " We do not guarantee funding, but we will train you in how to do an elevator pitch, help you create a pitch deck, executive summary and introduce you to potential investors once you finish the course. The rest is up to you! We have worked with hundreds of companies over the years which have had multiple levels of success. There really are too many to name, and more great companies are joining the Hyper Accelerator network every year, but you might want to check out the following: · Redmart raised over $55 Million from investors · Lazada acquired by Alibaba for $1 Billion · Transferwise valued at $3.5 billion after raising $292 Million in funding and recently in 2021 IPO-ed."

  • Will you invest in my company?

    The Hyper Accelerator Program itself is equity-free. We do have a post accelerator 1 on 1 Mentorship Program available for startups who wish to engage our mentors after graduation for a Retainer. For these companies, we do take a 2% option if they meet our requirements, and pass our due diligence.

  • Why don't you take equity? Why do you charge a fee to participate?

    Because it's the most expensive thing for an entrepreneur to give away. Paying money is WAY cheaper than equity. We find that advisory is most effective when there is a token financial exchange to value their time. We act as your interim non-equity co-founders/advisors/mentors through the 100 days. We will help you with techniques on how to effectively reach out and connect with investors relevant for your industry and geography - that's the secret sauce that allows us to accelerate startups all across the globe."

  • What happens after the 100 days?

    Great question. We have several different options available for you if you're not ready to say goodbye to our Hyper Accelerator Family. If you intend to/are currently fundraising, your dedicated mentors/advisors will indicate to us when they feel you are ready and we might ask you if you would like us to help you with your Investor Roadshow The Investor Roadshow is by invite only for the startups we feel are ready. Other than that, some startups really enjoy working with a particular mentor and may want a further 1 on 1 engagement with that mentor. That option is also available to you. Lastly, we have Alumni Access.

  • On average how many startups from each cohort get funded?

    Not all the startups that come to us are actively seeking funding. However, from the ones that are, about 60% of them will secure the funds they are seeking within 3 to 6 months of completing their program with us.

  • What is the average ticket size for these investments?

    This varies from anywhere between $50KUSD to $5 million. As we are both sector and stage agnostic, we work with a variety of startups that have different funding requirements. The point to note is that our graduates indicate that they are on average 2.67X more confident going into a fundarise after the program than when they started.

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We want to keep the barrier to access here as low as we can.

And ultimately, we want to help you achieve your startup dream. Because if we can do that and I fully believe this course has that power— then we will achieve something I've been working towards ever since we started accelerating startups in 2008.