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Give your child the opportunity to learn from the best and gain the confidence to be an innovative entrepreneur


30 Action Packed Weekly Sessions. Your child will learn:

  • How to come up with Smart Ideas

    Learn the critical first steps to ensure you give your startup the best chance of success. Learn to dream big but in practical ways, giving your startup a bigger purpose than its first offering.

  • How to Build A Startup

    Learn to design an offering that your customers believe in and want. Learn how to better identify your market and customers. Learn how to create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) the right way and gain confidence in being able to pivot your idea.

  • How To Execute A Startup

    Learn how to prioritize and present execution detail to your team and investors. Learn to read & present financial numbers confidently that are critical. Learn to plot the value impact of your Startup's activities, how to evaluate and when to exit (sell).

  • How to Launch A Startup

    Learn to pick a winning team, create the right culture & fill your board with the right people. Learn to be an assertive entrepreneur by approaching "The Ask" & "Call to Action" for investment.

  • How to Grow a Startup

    Learn about analytics and basic artificial intelligence and machine learning to help scale your idea. Learn to create a powerful pitch that captivates your audience within the first few seconds. Learn how to capture your investor's attention within a few seconds by crafting the right story.

  • Launch App in Appstore

    Apply all the learnings and create an app that we will launch in the Apple and Android App Stores.

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How We Learn

  • Time Required

    Our programs are expressly designed to fit the lives of insanely busy students. Sessions are taught virtually via video conference with in-person sessions at the launch, build and pitch stages.

  • Blended Learning

    Get lifelong access to our exclusive Online Learning Environment. Find all our up-to-date course materials at any given time!

  • Parent-Child Interaction

    Easy to understand coaching videos make it fun for parents to learn along their child and learn together.

  • Action Plans

    Develop personal, actionable plans to address the strategy, organization, and innovation-based opportunities that you face.

  • Pitch Perfect

    We will help you master your pitch through constant interaction and helpful feedback. If we like your idea, we will fund it.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Get your certificate of completion upon graduation which can be used on their applications for

Your Child's Education is Evolving - Future Proof Your Child with the Skills of Tomorrow

  • Critical Thinking - Encourage a holistic view of entrepreneurship by asking the right questions and exploring issues from various perspectives.

  • Design Thinking - Apply best-in-class idea generation techniques to come up with a creative implementable solutions.

  • Strategic Thinking - The importance of “being in the know”, taking bold steps to solve pressing problems and appreciate the impact of change on local, country and global levels.

  • Execution Management - Work in a collaborative environment to build your Startup using milestones, tasks, templates and preparing a pitch deck and an executive summary for investment.

  • Ethical Leadership - Recognize the Founder’s responsibility and accountability towards his/her business, stakeholders, customers and the environment.

We’ve Been Recognized with Education Technology Awards and Distinctions

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Canadian International School

Professors who will teach your child

From Top Tier Universities Globally with Over 50 years of Combined Startup Experience

Paul Kewene-Hite

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Paul is multiple time winner of the INSEAD Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is the creator of INSEAD’s Startup Bootcamp. Paul teaches entrepreneurship courses and is the lead professor on INSEAD’s popular elective "Your First Hundred Days" which teaches students how to turn around a failing company. Paul has decades of work experience with start-ups, major technology companies, investment capital, consulting, and government initiatives. He has successfully worked in every corner of a technology company from answering the telephone and emails in technical support to finance to sales and business development to CEO. 

Ash Singh

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Western University, Ivey Business School, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship: INSEAD, Wharton, MIT Sloan, Ivey Business School and Tsinghua

Started 4 Companies
CEO, Co-Founder and Professor of Entrepreneurship, Startup Ventures Pte. Ltd.
Founded First Company While Attending University Which Was Acquired at Age 22
Created “Angels Gate” the First Asian “Shark Tank” TV Show for Entrepreneurs with VC Judges Reaching an Audience of 30 Million Viewers Across Asia
Founded Interactive SG, a Digital Media and New Business Accelerator
Co-Owner of Singapore Slingers Professional Basketball Team
Students from the INSEAD Entrepreneurs Course Launched 500 Companies Across 50 Countries
Recognized by Businessweek Magazine as “One of Asia’s Top Young Entrepreneurs” in 2009
Recognized by the Economic Times of Singapore as “One of Southeast Asia’s Leading Serial Entrepreneurs”

Passionate about teaching, inspiring and mentoring entrepreneurs to drive tech transformation.

Nilay Goyal

Executive Director and Lead Accelerator

Nilay has built highly successful startup accelerators at two of the largest universities in Canada: Creative Destruction Lab at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, and LaunchYU at York University. Over the years, Nilay has worked with over 500 startups that have collectively raised more than $400 million in funding. Earlier, Nilay founded a startup in the semiconductor industry, scaled its operations and led its acquisition by a large publicly listed company based in Silicon Valley, California. Nilay was 23 years old when his startup was acquired.

Transform The Way You Learn

Social Learning Methodology

An interactive and realistic experience that encourages the entire cohort to learn, inspire and reciprocate. Get access to our exclusive MS Teams channel and connect with Alumni from previous courses. We use AI powered bots to improve motivation and completion rates.

Real Unedited Reviews

From Students and Parents

5 star rating

It's a life-long course

Diana Chang Gao

Really handy course and give student perceptions how to evaluate a star-up even you're not running a star-up right now.

Really handy course and give student perceptions how to evaluate a star-up even you're not running a star-up right now.

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5 star rating

Terrific program from start to finish and beyond!

Christine Gerritse

I enrolled in this intensive weekend with high expectations and all expectations were exceeded. The weekend was delivered by a tried and true entrepreneur supported by a terrific staff in a highly collaborative environment both in the classroom an...

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I enrolled in this intensive weekend with high expectations and all expectations were exceeded. The weekend was delivered by a tried and true entrepreneur supported by a terrific staff in a highly collaborative environment both in the classroom and online. Most importantly, working in and with a team of highly competent individuals following a modular approach where each section builds on the next supported my learning, idea and plan development. I met some pretty terrific people, too!

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5 star rating

Pure Excellence

Derek Li

This is the perfect peek into what life is like as an entrepreneur. Those considering an entrepreneurial venture should seriously consider taking this course. Ash is absolutely excellent.

This is the perfect peek into what life is like as an entrepreneur. Those considering an entrepreneurial venture should seriously consider taking this course. Ash is absolutely excellent.

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5 star rating


Ehsan Mansouri

Prof Ash is an experienced teacher. A man of character who genuinely cares about your personal development as an entrepreneur. I had a fantastic experience!

Prof Ash is an experienced teacher. A man of character who genuinely cares about your personal development as an entrepreneur. I had a fantastic experience!

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Student Results

Over 500 Students from 12 Countries - Here is our feedback on our program.

  • ↑90% Inspiration

    We improved the quality of entrepreneurial ideas generated by more than 90%

  • ↑60% Confidence

    We improved entrepreneurial confidence by 60%

  • ↑70% Activation

    More than 90%* are likely to join an entrepreneurship program

Recent Youth Startups - Court Share

Android and iPhone App

Court Share: Inspired by children who want to have cool outdoor spaces to play during Covid-19, Court Share is the "AirBnB" for the best sports courts in Canada.

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Why parents love the program

  • No Driving

    Most of the sessions are done over the state-of-the-art video conferencing system. No more traffic, no more parking. Only in-person sessions will be in the beginning, middle and end of program.

  • Detailed Reports and Live Access

    You will have detailed realtime access to the entire progress of the program.

  • Using your ipad for productivity, not games

    Find creative and productive output for your child's screen time.

  • Real Outcomes

    Your child will experience being a founder and launching their own app in the Apple and Android App Stores.

  • Access to top tier University Professors

    Our program will have an official graduation ceremony.

  • Get a Certificate of Completion

    Build your child's resume with a MBA quality program recognized at some of the top business schools globally.

Entrepreneurship at Global Indian International School (GIIS) - Singapore

GIIS spans seven countries across Asia, with campuses in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam and India. It is the leading international school offering Indian and international curricula to students from diverse backgrounds.

Current Private Schools We Work With

Entrepreneurship at Global International School - Dubai

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer financial aid?

    We believe that personal finances should not inhibit ambitious students from participating in Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator. Students who are accepted to Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator are eligible to receive financial aid on a case-by-case basis. Financial aid can range from 20%-75% of the total program fees. If you require financial assistance, please apply, and in your application select “yes” for financial assistance.

  • Do I need to have any prerequisite knowledge or coding skills before applying to Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator?

    No, you do not require any prior knowledge about technologies or coding. Many of our students get exposed to these areas for the first time in Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator. However, you should be curious, driven, and want to create an impact.

  • What age should I be to apply?

    The typical age range of Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator students are between 13 - 17 years old (grade 8-12). Students can apply when they are 12 years old, turning 13. We do not accept students in university.

  • What’s the time commitment?

    There are mandatory 3-hour sessions once per week. Usually these sessions are on the weekend. You are required to attend these sessions. We do not provide homework, however, students who grow the most in our program invest time outside of the sessions into the projects they create while in Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator. Typically, this is usually 2-5 hours each week, but it depends on the student. The more time students spend working on their research outside of the program, the more they benefit from it. There is also the opportunity to attend conferences, workshops and exclusive events through Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator , which happen outside of the sessions.

  • What happens in the sessions?

    There are two types of sessions: you’ll either be learning, or you’ll be doing. Within a “learning” session, your learning the fundamentals of being an innovative entrepreneur. During a “do” session, you’ll be building and launching a real startup in the form of an App.

  • How can I get an internship through Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator?

    Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator has partnerships with companies that have provided internship opportunities to students. During Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator , we work with students to secure internships with leading companies like Microsoft, Deloitte, and KPMG, while also training them on how to be successful in these positions. This enables students to add tremendous value to the organizations they work with, while also maximizing their learning experience. Internships must be earned by the students and are not guaranteed.

  • What is the application process?

    There are 2 steps before being accepted into Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator . First, you’ll need to submit an application. Then, based on your application, we may invite you for an interview, which could be in-person or over video chat. If we think you are the right fit for Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator after your interview, we will extend an invitation for you to join the program.

  • What is the likelihood of getting accepted into Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator ? How many people apply to the program? How many people get in?

    This program is different than many others. We don’t have a “quota” for the number of students we select. We only select students who we think can grow exponentially in our program and have a high degree of drive and curiosity. As a result, acceptance rates vary based on the number of applications and the city. Historically, the average acceptance rate has varied from 13-20%.

  • How will this help my son/daughter get into university?

    Our Professors will write a letter of recommendation for your child. In addition, we will prepare students for the real world. During the program, students work on unique projects and create a personal portfolio that can be used when applying to university. Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator students have gone on to attend world-class universities, while others have taken a gap year to work at leading companies around the world.

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