For the last 12 years, only the top business schools and engineering schools had access to this program.

What is included

  • Dedicated CEO Mentor:

    Build the next stage of your company with a dedicated CEO Mentor who has successfully built a company valued at (or raised funds) of $100+ million dollars. They will help provide guidance, support and a recommended structure for achieving your goals based on their unique expertise and shared experiences. The Mentor will also be available to help brain-storm business ideas and as a confidant to the CEO Founder.

  • Designing Your Strategic Business Plan:

    Develop a clearly defined 3-year blueprint on one page focused on what you are building and what your company will look like when it achieves its ultimate goal. 96% of startups fail because they build momentum, but do not have a clearly defined long-term vision.

  • Creating a Roadmap to Success with Tactical Plans:

    Develop a road map to measure your monthly progress aligned to your one-year goals utilizing tactical battle plans. This will ensure that you remain focused and that investors know you have a disciplined approach to managing your company

  • Building Your Company Image:

    Learn how to develop networks and access data bases to identify the best VC’s and funds to invest in your company.

    “You have to act, as if you are, what you want to become”.

    Creating your corporate image builds trust with potential investors. Boardroom clients will also receive selective access to the Startup Ventures data base consisting of over 38,000 VC and Fund Contacts. The Mentors and Professors will also utilize their contacts to assist with VC introductions.

  • The Investor Pitch Deck:

    Learn how to create an optimal Investment Pitch Story. The slide deck design, the story, defining the uniqueness of your business model and utilizing tactics to optimize impact will be developed jointly with your Mentor and Professors. The Mentor will also conduct a rehearsal session to ensure that your investor pitch story is effectively articulated. Building an investor roadshow can also be developed to amplify funding visibility.

  • Fixed and Virtual Human Capital:

    Learn how to design the best structure between internal human resources and outsourcing expertise. The most effective companies today carefully nuance the balance between internal staff and leveraging dynamic labor sources and expertise networks. The company’s ability to rapidly maneuver and control costs is directly impacted by internal costs. What is needed and what can be outsourced? How to control external resources? The balance can also optimize valuation.

  • Investor Data Room Guidelines:

    Building the Data Room for Investors and a War Room for Business Campaigns

  • Optimizing the Board Structure:

    How to build an effective Board of Directors? Defining the optimal size and business rules to leverage board expertise while protecting control.

  • Fundraising Strategies to Protect Equity Levels:

    Learn how to release equity for fundraising through the escalator approach in order to minimize dilution risks.

  • The Marketing Game and Amplifying the Brand:

    Marketing strategies and customer campaigns. Brand building strategies to optimize your company image. Media campaign ideas, leveraging conferences, articles and publications.

  • Intellectual Property:

    Where should you position your IP advantage both geographically and from a legal perspective. There are different strategies on where IP is controlled and how licensing agreements can be used to the benefit of the startup venture.

  • Optimizing Local and Global Business Structures:

    How to develop your global business structure for financial impact, tax benefits, and funding grants. Where to build an IP Center, licensing agreements, JV’s, Strategic Alliances, Regional Headquarters, for rapid global expansion? Singapore, Ireland, Dubai, BVI, etc. Which is the right organizational design for your company’s future?

Meet one of our Boardroom Leaders

All Boardroom Leaders have raised of built startups worth over $100,000,000.

Paul W. Bradley

MIM/MBA, Thunderbird, School of Global Management
Executive Programs, Wharton/AIM and Stanford Universities

Started 7 Companies across 3 Continents and Participated in 2 Successful IPO’s
Chairman and CEO of Caprica International
Former CEO, MD, President of Companies Spanning 14 Countries
Designated as One of the Forty “New Asian Leaders” by the World Economic Forum
Awarded ”Asia Supply Chain Manager of the Year” by Lloyds Magazine
Emeritus Vice Chairman, Supply Chain Asia
Served on Government, University and Business Advisory Boards
Served on the B20 Task Force for the G20 Summit held in Germany
CEO Monthly Magazine, Global Leadership Excellence Award: Entrepreneurial Ventures
Held Leadership Positions in American, Japanese, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indian Companies
Formerly worked in the U.S. Senate and British House of Commons

Passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship and developing multi-cultural talent to impact the future.

Ash Singh

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Western University, Ivey Business School, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship: INSEAD, Wharton, MIT Sloan, Ivey Business School and Tsinghua

Started 4 Companies
CEO, Co-Founder and Professor of Entrepreneurship, Startup Ventures Pte. Ltd.
Founded First Company While Attending University Which Was Acquired at Age 22
Created “Angels Gate” the First Asian “Shark Tank” TV Show for Entrepreneurs with VC Judges Reaching an Audience of 30 Million Viewers Across Asia
Founded Interactive SG, a Digital Media and New Business Accelerator
Co-Owner of Singapore Slingers Professional Basketball Team
Students from the INSEAD Entrepreneurs Course Launched 500 Companies Across 50 Countries
Recognized by Businessweek Magazine as “One of Asia’s Top Young Entrepreneurs” in 2009
Recognized by the Economic Times of Singapore as “One of Southeast Asia’s Leading Serial Entrepreneurs”

Passionate about teaching, inspiring and mentoring entrepreneurs to drive tech transformation.

Cliff K. Locks

CEO | COO | Executive Consultant and Coach | Trusted Independent Board of Director | Governance | NextGen Expert | Author | SaaS | Clean Tech | PropTech | MarTech | AI | Supply Chain | Thoughtful ESG & DEI

Masters Professional Director, American College of Corporate Directors Bachelor of Business Administration, Rochester Institute of Technology
Started 6 Companies, Successfully Exited 3, Currently Engaged in 3
Angel Investor in 20+ companies, 6 exits, 1 IPO, and no losses.
Managing Director of Investment Capital Growth (Worldwide Executive
Leadership Coaching to Founders, CEOs, and CXOs)
Founder and CEO/President of Millionaire Life Services (Executive Leadership to Private Family Offices, Private Banking, and the VHNI & UHNI)
Founder and CEO/President of Reverse Logistics Solutions (Supply Chain Expert to the World’s Largest eCommerce Platform and Big Box Retailer and their Vendors)
Former Founder/CEO/President of International Automotive Showcase (Exit to Fortune 500) Founder/CEO/President of Professional Sports Marketing (Exit)
Former Founder/CEO/President Locks Advertising Agency (Exit)
Held Senior Leadership Positions, the Majority of the Time as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing in American, German, and Japanese Owned Companies
Serve on Business Advisory Boards – Driving Profitability and EBITDA Growth, Creating Strategic Partnerships for Scaling for Hyper Growth, and Fundraising
Expert in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Developing Executive and Emerging Leaders

How our program started at INSEAD Business School

Ranked #1 International Business School by Financial Times

Channel News Asia "Millionaire Minds"

  • Tackle your major challenges with your CEO Mentor

    Build the next phase of your startup with a CEO Mentor who has built a company valued at (or raised) $100+ million dollars. They will help provide guidance, support and shared experiences

  • Get an unfair advantage and avoid costly mistakes

    Get access to curated resources and scaling playbooks and participate in tactical deep-dive sessions focused on fundraising, hiring, growth, and more.

Seed Founders

Establish early relationships that will grow with you. Get coaching, mentorship, and pragmatic feedback to help you recruit your early team and shape a conscious culture while building revenues.

Everything you need to scale as a leader

Navigate the complexity of startup scaling with executive coaching, mentorship, peer accountability, tactical sessions, and exclusive access to executive talent and investors.

Some Successful Startups That Started With Us:

Here is some word-for-word feedback from the successful startups listed above.

“This Course provides a helpful framework to evaluate ideas and understand more about their feasibility quickly”

Roger Egan III, Co-Founder, Redmart

“It was a good warm-up lap to expose us to the realities of building Redmart from the ground up.”

Vikram Rupani, Co-Founder, Redmart

“It helped us in the process of getting Nugit's story right and preparing the pitch to investors.”

David Sanderson, Founder & CEO, Nugit

“It was an amazing experience and it was great to have the time to think through all the key aspects of our venture and the key strategic aspects on which we should have focused.”

Sundeep Sahni, Co-Founder, Lazada

“Knowing that Redmart went through the Startup Bootcamp helped convince me they had the right fundamentals to launch”

Neil Bearden, Investor, Redmart

Hyper Accelerator - The World's Largest Startup Accelerator Dedicated to Job Creation and Unleashing Human Potential

We're building a modern educational institution that redefines how community and learning come together. Being part of any Hyper Accelerator program means you’ll have access to a community of world-class professionals. With every new program we launch and cohort we start, your network gets stronger.

  • Unparalleled Knowledge

    There are limitless opportunities for learning and sharing here. You’ll get access to expert speakers, sprints, and our session library full of curated content.

  • Scaled With Software

    We have built in-house tools to improve how we share community knowledge, aligned opportunities, and helpful connections.

  • Community Diversity

    We’re proud to have a community diverse in culture, thought, and life experiences. This enables revolutionary ideas, inclusive solutions, and boundless growth opportunities.

  • Network Orchestration

    When everyone is going through a shared experience and seeking similar goals, incredible things happen.

  • Deep Friendships

    Our virtual fellowships provide members with community, education, and support. This is a place for cohort-style learning, but also deep personal connections.

  • Spirit of Service

    One of the things we love most about our community is how willing and excited members are to support one another. This spirit is the strong heartbeat of the Startup Course and Hyper Accelerator community.

Series A Founders

Scale your product and team while adding talented leadership and driving exponential growth. Get the support you need in confidential forums from founders who have faced similar challenges and opportunities.


All Boardroom participants can enjoy the Hyper Accelerator Program FREE

  • Strategic and Tactical Business Plans

    Learn how to raise funds while retaining more equity, manage your growth trajectory with special tools, optimize your board structure and other strategies to drive your business forward to a higher valuation.

  • Access to all Hyper Accelerator Classes for the Leadership Team

    Free Live Masterclasses in the Hyper Accelerator Program (up to 2 executives may participate)

  • Conducted by Entrepreneurship Professors

    who taught at top Business Schools and Engineering Schools

This Program Has Been Featured In

Some other recent awards that helped recognize the work of our team to help entrepreneurs globally.

Series B Founders

Level up personal and company leadership, establish executive coaching structures suited to your organizational needs, and get strategic and tactical advice from world class operators.

4.8/5 Google Review

Average Rating From Entrepreneurs around the World

Connie Erlanger
★★★★★ 5 weeks ago
The Hyper Accelerator course is the best thing that we have done for our business. Our team has decades of business experience going into the program, but what we learned in the HyperAccelerator100 days is transformative and invaluable. It is an extraordinary opportunity to have access to the decades of professional experience and knowledge encapsulated in the coursework, and to the personal knowledge and experience of the Accelerator course leaders. The course leaders are smart, sharp, engaging, and are committed to the success of each participant. This really comes through in the one-on-one mentoring sessions. We now have the tools with which to not just successfully launch a new business, but to grow that business and realize its full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should apply?

    To be a good fit for the program, you are probably: * A highly motivated founder of a venture-scale company who would benefit from the authentic relationships forged with other growth-oriented founders.

    * Open to seeking the support, coaching, and mentorship required to scale yourself and your company.

    * Willing to share your experiences, challenge assumptions, expand your perspectives, and raise the bar for yourself and others .

    * Committed to lifelong learning and a spirit of service to others.

  • What is the time commitment? Will this be a distraction?

    You should plan to invest 1-2 hours per week. The curriculum is designed to help you leverage time, networks, and resources to your exponential advantage. It’s our intention that one unit invested will yield many in return.

  • What if I'm too early? What if I'm too late?

    We are committed to identifying and supporting the very best founders at every stage of company growth from Seed to IPO. We’ll group founders appropriately based on the company stage and other relevant factors. Founders who have not raised capital should consider applying to The Boardroom by Hyper Accelerator™️

  • Are there minimum capital or revenue requirements to apply?

    We’re accepting applications from founders of seed stage companies to IPO. Seed stage founders must have raised at least $500K in the last six months or achieved $50k MRR run rate.

  • If I’m already well-connected in the startup ecosystem, why do I need this?

    We certainly believe so. The Boardroom by Hyper Accelerator™️ will benefit any founder committed to significant learning and personal growth, expanding their network and personal influence, and becoming a better leader. While the Hyper Accelerator™️ network is large and continually expanding, The Boardroom by Hyper Accelerator™️ is designed to help you scale yourself as fast as you’re scaling your company.

  • What does it cost?

    The Hyper Accelerator Boardroom ™️ is a 12-month programmatic mentoring program, matching you up with a seasoned CEO or operator to learn the art of scaling as a CEO.

    Startup CEOs pay a mix of cash and equity to participate in the program. The cash payment is used as stipend compensation to Mentors, and equity is shared with Mentors for long-term alignment with your company’s success.

    Choose your price
    $1,250/month, 1.5% equity
    $1,750/month, .75% equity
    $2,500/month, .50% equity
    $3,250/month, .25% equity

    *All participants get free access to Hyper Accelerator Program.

    Advisor equity as payment, vesting quarterly over 12-months, after mentor matching is complete

  • What if I'm based outside the US?

    We are accepting Fellows from around the world. We try to accommodate all timezones.

  • Can non-founding CEOs apply?

    Not yet – At this time we’re keeping focused on company founders.

  • Is this a fully remote program?

    Yes: Hyper Accelerator Boardroom™ will be run entirely remotely. This enables participation from all corners of the world. We’ve spent the past few cohorts mastering the playbook for building remote communities and relationship building online, and will apply the same approach here. Post-COVID, we’ll return to organizing offline programmings like dinners, small gatherings, and retreats, but the core Hyper Accelerator Boardroom™ will remain a remote-first experience.

Unicorn Founders

Establish early relationships that will grow with you. Get coaching, mentorship, and pragmatic feedback to help you recruit your early team and shape a conscious culture while building revenues.